Hi, my name is Ioana and I help industry pioneers and entrepreneurial organizations invent and translate new ideas into viable digital products that are a joy to experience and have positive social impact.

As a creative who thinks like a UX designer, I am energized when forging a new path in an industry, especially when teams are nimble and building the roadmap along the way.

I have helped startups thrive through stages of fast growth and acquisition. I have also helped large companies incubate small brands, grow globally, and align teams in other regions to the goals.

Happiest when at the intersection of culture, creativity and technology, I’m uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration between design/tech/online so that the product is continually improved upon and relevant as the organization expands.

Really, the purpose of my work is to learn new things and effect positive change. I’ve found that building teams to make products that help people shop/bond/think differently satisfies my curiosity and fuels my creativity.


  • Product Design
  • Digital Content (strategy + development)
  • Team Development