Edifice Architectural

Project Team: Ioana Friedman, art director and designer; Dov Friedman, developer; Jake Thiel, writer.

Edifice Architectural is a progressive full service studio based in the Washington, D.C. area and working with clients world-wide. Its key U.S. launch project is a state of the art prototype for contemporary waterfront living, entitled Crosswake House, on the Potomac River.

I partnered with Jake Thiel, proprietor, to design and develop a flexible site which highlights the studio’s work and point of view. Working within an appropriately limited budget, we quickly focused our efforts in treating the site as Edifice Architectural’s central channel in the digital ecosystem. This is where clients and leads would land to understand its unique offering and growing portfolio. The home page tells a robust story: we hero projects in a top carousel via photography and renderings, and message the studio’s principles and services below. The project gallery page is designed with user friendly filters which drive the main grid. We love the simplicity. The project detail page leverages a similar hero carousel in the header, followed by an editorial description sprinkled with visual insets.