e.l.f. Cosmetics: Play Beautifully Campaign Launch

Campaign launch home page, desktop. Campaign video overtakes carousel and content tiles below ladder up to the theme.

Campaign launch home page, mobile.

Product category page showcasing items featured in the campaign video.

Kit detail page, desktop. Integrates campaign imagery with product.

Kit detail page, mobile.

Home Page, campaign tease phase. Secondary tile leading to a video overlay.

Campaign tease phase, mobile home page.

Tease email

Tease email

Launch email


e.l.f. Cosmetics was historically a promotional value brand and most of its messaging supported sales.

Brand + Commerce

In 2015, e.l.f. pivoted and developed a more robust marketing strategy with goal to holistically elevate the brand experience. Enter the Play Beautifully Campaign—a consumer engagement/celebratory event cascaded across channels.


  • Build momentum behind launch date, entice visitors to come back
  • Engage community in #playbeautifully in social, ground idea in product first


  • Make the homepage look visually different to signal strongly that something new is happening
  • Highlight the campaign video prominently on the page to maximize views
  • Capture spirit of Play Beautifully through imagery and copy, in a way that instantly draws you in
  • Support tease and launch via dedicated emails